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Behind the Haze - Poetry

Sometimes I don’t feel worthy

Sometimes I walk alone

Sometimes I trust the thinking

But then I know it's wrong.

We all are caring bullshit,

but have the choice to heal

I learned a lot the past months

and will continue on to peel.

Our inside can be scary,

no wonder with our past.

But now is the right moment

to feel into our hearts.

We committed to this life,

a long time ago.

We wanted to be happy

bodies and in flow.

So why're we still so busy,

stressing ourselves around?

I thought pandemic showed us,

slow works also round.

We are looking for the things,

which allow us to be happy.

What crap we learned is kinda hazy,

maybe that's why we became lazy.

I Inhale into the moment,

and connect with all that is.

Stand up in my own power

and change the world within.

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Hier teile ich meine Sicht auf das Leben und meine Welt. 
In diesem Blog geht es um Themen und Erlebnisse, die mich beschäftigen.
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