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My feeling about the 'health industry' - what are you choosing?

Already when I was very young my mother thought me to listen to my gut feeling and Intuition and to stand up for my own truth. I think next to being proud of me when I moved to Berlin when I was 18, she also was sad about it.

We learn so many things in our childhood. Most of the time this is the only thing what we are doing - Learning and getting 'programmed' on how to see the world. What many people, especially in the elder age don't realize is that we sometimes even distance ourselves from ourselves in order to fit in and then even defend this false self we've become. Some even really think they are their patterns, and that is it. This is not a blame to anyone or shouldn't be understood as a judgement. This is just the illusions we are dealing with. We learned it that way. Over time we realize that we are more than our thoughts and behaviors. That we are so much more than our feelings, patterns and routines which we experience.

Like never before I devote myself to healing my inner wounds which still influence my day to day life and decisions and reactions unconsciously. We learned to be quiet and not talk about our difficult emotions. We learned to stop crying. We learned to dress nicely, we learned to be quiet and well-behaved. We learned to listen to the people in power. We learned that there is one truth and we need to follow this. But what about Individuality? What about Diversity? What about empowering our deep true self? Who are we even? Did you even dare to ask yourself this question?

I believe every single one of us is created perfectly as we should be. But since we walked a path of confirmation and with the need of fitting in we changed parts of ourselves, hid away what wasn't suiting the reactions from the outside and even neglected parts of us that would define us individually and perfectly. I'm in the middle of creating a guidance and system which should be a better way of healing besides our 'sick system'. It should be a opportunity of a healing system, in which we are able to look deeper into the source of our problems and disease. For many people this is still far away that there would be a different way of treating diseases than with pills. But there was a time where people were happy about alternative natural healing.

Imagine you could detect the source of your symptoms and sickness yourself and know what you need in order to heal and prevent from further symptoms. Imagine you are able to heal with breathing techniques. Imagine you are able to say no to synthetical, toxic products which harm our body on the long run and trust the natural, organic recourses and wisdom we have on this planet. Imagine you could listen to your inner guidance and trust it. Imagine there would be another solution, a proper solution than taking a pill and then another pill to suppress their side effects.

Well if you are on your deeper healing journey yourself, you don't need to imagine, you witness it yourself. But if you are struggling with any sort of sickness, symptoms, skin issues, depression, autoimmune diseases, whatever it is, this is an opportunity for you to shift awareness within your self. Taking a holistic approach for our body, mind and souls issues, shifted my life to a completely pure awareness.

It makes so much sense. That questioning the trigger of the issue, will lead us to the solution of the 'problem'. Well I see it like a challenge now. This is all it is. I always like to say, nothing comes to us which we can't handle. But often we are so overwhelmed that we are not even seeing these opportunities to grow. Rather we learn to take a 'solution' of Iboprofen, Antibiotika or whatever and continue our life without change and are not even surprised that months later we are at the same point again...

Now we fear a virus out of the informations we gained and protect a vaccine which doesn't even do it's job and let bigger splitting happen in this society if people choose a different way.

Did you ever question yourself why some get it and some not? Did you ever question your immune system why someone is better protected than the others? Well often we don't. We just explain ourselves that it is fortune or coincidence.

I choose love over fear. I choose supporting my immune system over harming my immune system with a spike protein. I am aware that these lines might trigger some of you, but I also know that some of you might need to hear this in order to trust your own inner guidance and truth deeper.

Lastly I want to mention that I am not against treatment in general. But I am against suppressing symptoms. I am against an industry who is making money by keeping people blind, dependent and sick. I am choosing questioning and looking for the cause. I choose trust, love and deep healing on a different level than again and again suppressing the shit.

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