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Have you ever experienced stress?

I'm sure you do. As we got conditioned to be faster, get faster, work faster, sell faster and so on, we also tend to stress ourselves faster.


I realize how much of a pain in the ass it is. Literally. 

Are you aware, that stress is one of the biggest causes of disease?


Take your time now to consciously breathe, and read this text, it will take you a view minutes of your life, but could save you months or even years of struggle in stress.

Let me introduce my story and why it is important for you now get support on your inner healing work today.

And why we need to connect to our inner self, inner truth and intuition and act accordingly now.

I experienced it myself some years ago...

Not only outer stress, but also inner stress, I created within.

...which is very dangerous if we constantly stress and don't make time for balance & relaxation. 

My first sign that I was out of balance was a depression and burn out in a very young age. I did therapy even though I was afraid of doing it and came out of it feeling better afterwards...

But I continued with my life as it was and had struggle&wasn't aware how to implement my learnings.

I achieved my passion goals as a photographer... working with amazing people and publishing beauty work in stores and international magazines.

I was so burning for my passion but I didn't really give myself truly what I needed and burned out. Also I felt a lack of fulfillment which I expected me to experience by achieving what I set as goals for my business.

I continued with the work as a photographer.

Some years later I was in the darkness of depression again and broke. I found a way to manage to get into a mindfulness therapy which helped me a lot connect to me deeper & observe what is truly going on. 


As you might witnessed yourself, you stop caring for yourself if you are well so I drifted into old patterns which weren't serving me and the rollercoaster continued...

Why it is so important for me sharing, is because after all these signs and messages I ignored, still I didn't fully commit to me and my self care and I couldn't imagine the effects on it. 


From one day to another I felt tingling in my body and after almost 2 weeks I experienced paralysis in my hands. My body literally stoped me from working. It forced me to stop physically. 

After my doctor referred me to the hospital and a week later got a diagnose of a disease they don't know the cause of, I was faced with a huge prognosis on, if I refuse the treatment of Cortison, I am going to be in wheelchair.


On the one hand it was a shock for me and I thought the Doctor knows, on the other hand I felt completely different about it internally like "there must be another way."


I was well motivated finding the root cause of my immune system attacking my body with inflammations in my brain.

There is a reason that you are reading this right now. 


This was the moment where I woke up to my shit. As my poem says "We all are caring bullshit, but have the choice to heal." I felt into myself deeply and realized that if there is an unknown cause, I am the only one finding it out for me, and I am also the only one really fully am able to heal it and change my life.


I released myself from hospital because my intuition and gut was telling me that I will find a different, alternative solution and so it was. I came to a lot of findings, awareness & insights.

Now I invite you to find balance and care for yourself. Whether or not you join your transformation with me and the tools that helped me destress, healing holistically and practises that helped me living a fullfilled and healthy life, pleeeease be there for you and stop resisting to what you deeply already know you need.

You need to shift awareness, cause you need to be there for you more truly & authentically. We are confronted with so much distraction and so much illusion and often completely forget about our mission here on earth. We forgot to be connected internally and how to be able to reconnect if we are disconnected to our truth.

I know you feel the pull for change and deserve to get support. With tools, practises and routines you can easily but very effectively implement into your life, I would be honored to help you and serve you. 

Don't wait until you are forced to change as I was. Be the change you want to see for yourself & in the world.


The higher our awareness is, the healthier we choose our life to be.

I'm offering limited spots for 1:1 so if you are up for transformation this is the link where you can shift into your more aligned, sustainable healed life with an holistic approach. 

Sign up today and get a discount on your first session. Challenge yourself to be open and notice your reaction and maybe even resistance.


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