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Promote the growth of the movement

Discover a variety of ways to support this comprehensive and sustainable project with your resources. Your time, energy, network, creative ideas and financial support all help strengthen and advance this meaningful endeavor. Be part of a commitment that brings about positive change on various holistic levels.

Volunteer program

Enrich our volunteer program at the inspiring power place near Leipzig or support us online & offline with your unique skills and passions such as in gardening, building, creating, painting, making music or more. As a thank you for your valuable support, we invite you to enjoy the diverse benefits of our workshops free of charge. Become part of a meaningful and loving community where your commitment is valued and rewarded.

To take part in the volunteer program, please apply with your ideas, your skills, passions and wishes.


Whether you support us financially or donate your time and other resources, every contribution plays a crucial role in bringing about positive change in the world through holistic support to make it more conscious, beautiful and better. The resources provided flow directly into improving our infrastructure, purchasing work materials, workers and much more. With generous financial support we can expand our offerings more quickly and effectively. Any form of help is appreciated by our organization, and we are deeply grateful for any contribution along the way in this movement.

I want to be part of the movement!

Every participation counts

How would you like to promote Somabe Unity?
Deine Fähigkeiten und dein Input

Thank you so much for being part of this movement!

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