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Bild in der Natur --Über die Initiative

About Us

The overarching purpose of the SOMABE UNITY movement is to remind, move and have people experience that we are all connected and we come from an equal source. So we are able to co-create a life that we all truly want to live in peace, harmony and freedom.

SOMABE HOLISTIC gives people holistic tools to empower the intuitive transformation of the deeper roots of their limitations, issues, triggers and difficulties.

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We are an organization that has set itself the task of encouraging, accompanying and supporting many people towards self-empowerment for their own well-being and health. By illuminating the deeper causes of our issues and transformation, we also enable each of us to live a more meaningful, conscious life through recognizing our connection, purpose and meaning.



The impact of this work extends far beyond simply improving one's well-being.
By creating awareness in our inner world, establishing a deeper connection to our individual guidance system - intuition - and cleaning up within ourselves, this also influences our interactions with other people, animals and the earth.

The sustainable self responsible variant of holistic, cause-based transformational work enables us to work on the root of our issues, heal holistically and become more independent from presumed external solutions and circumstances.



The goal is to uplift approaches and responses to triggers & illnesses and to create more sustainable solutions, by altering perspectives to holistically transforming the topics with ease. Self-empowerment is at the forefront to bring about a change in how we relate to ourselves, each other, and the Earth. Recognizing our inseparable connection enables us to utilize tools for sustainable management of our emotions and to be in harmony with our own bodies, needs, and values.



Our organization is founded on principles such as playfulness, unity, an internal compass, reflection, balance, insight, wisdom and empathy. We advocate for avenues to liberation through self-empowerment. Our comprehensive strategy underscores individual accountability for well-being across all dimensions. By delving into the core, we cultivate enduring transformations internally and externally.

Our aim is to operate in alignment with the greatest good for ALL involved.

Sophia-Marie Beck Gründerin von Somabe Unity


Who & what is behind SOMABE?


Unity Einheit- wir sind alle verbunden.


Living in the awareness that we are all interconnected with everyone and everything and that we are all ONE.


Awareness/Bewusstsein - In unseren Schwierigkeiten befinden sich Schlüssel und Schätze


Recognizing that each of our challenges hold valuable lessons, keys and treasures and are always within our capacity to overcome, even if it requires us to stretch and grow beyond our current limitations.
We are only able to access the gold if we are willing to face it.


Surrender / Hingabe - Vertrauen ins Leben

In remembrance that all our life experiences are FOR us,

let's face and embrace life 

with unwavering trust and confidence.

Selbstermächtigt -- Innere Arbeit für unser Wohlbefinden Meditation


If we take care of our internal world and state, it also impacts our external world and reality, independent from outside circumstances.


Achtsamkeit Beobachten statt zu (ver)urteilen

instead of judging

In understanding that polarity and duality exist, we choose clarity to observe and recognize that there is no added value in losing ourselves in judgments.

Beobachten, statt zu urteilen

Sophia-Marie Beck in Breathwork Klasse als Prozessbegleitung

BE part of the movement

Every contribution, whether as a participant, a financial donor, or through the investment of time and other resources - all plays an essential role in fostering positive change in the world. This holistic support endeavors to enhance awareness, beauty, and overall betterment.
Achtsamkeitsveranstaltung in der Natur

Holistic Wellness

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