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3 day LIVE  Programm

3 group Coaching calls on self awareness, holistic health and sustainable self care in alignment with your soul. You will be with likeminded people and have the chance for Q&A's and learn from everyones experiences.

You are ready to become the leader of your life to navigate you through situations with ease.


You are ready to let go of your limiting believes and find your own inner truth.


You have been waiting to get support for your transformation and inner work.


We will dive into our self-awareness, holistic health and how to live in harmony with our soul. I will teach you techniques on how to connect more deeply with yourself and your truth.
We have adopted conditioning and beliefs that do not necessarily encourage us but hold us back and do more harm than good in the long run. I will show you, among other things, how to recognize and reprogram them.

This program is only for you if you are ready for change!

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Pre-sale price

44 €*

*Available at this price for a limited time only!

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