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Feel safe in your self!

New Years Offering

Exclusive 1:1
weekly calls
Coaching &

Use the energy of the new year to transform into a higher life experience and be supported for the highest good of all. 


As the New Year approaches, many begin to allow themselves to dream and create change.

New Year's resolutions are nice and the clear desire to do something different the next year.

But after a few weeks or even days, we quickly fall back into familiar patterns. It's no wonder because we've been living out many behavioral patterns in the same way for years or decades!


Changing these requires willpower and courage to trust in the unknown. In everyday life alone, this can quickly slip off the priority list again, so I would like to offer you to go hand in hand with you for 3 months to let go of the old and embody your higher self.


Each week we work together to illuminate and let go of everything that is trying to hold you back and in the familiar in order to achieve your goals of transformation.

Feel safe in your self!


Hey powerful soul, are you currently feeling that you are in a big transition into a higher energy or want to?


The people you are looking up to are creating and changing lives and you actually know that you are also meant for more. But for some reason you can’t give as much yet as you are wanting to.


You are aware you have a purpose and want to serve for the highest good of all and want to raise your vibration for yourself and the collective.

You want to work through the self doubt and self talk which is pulling you down and holding you back in the known.

You’d like to understand what is draining your energy and want to access the tools which help you finally step up into a higher self and use the energy of the new year to make the shift.

Your desire is to grow and expand consciousness and live the life in freedom you always wanted.

You may have experienced that happiness and fulfillment is not dependent on the material outside world.

Truth is it is created inside by releasing the old stories and limitations and uncovering the choice of our free will.

By deep diving into your shadows and gifts, we develop a practice for transforming your life into a higher experience.

This program is for you if

  • You want to step into your full potential.

  • You may have already experienced that the external circumstances do not bring lasting happiness or fulfillment, because that is truly created within.

  • You want to allow yourself to be supported in this journey of becoming your highest self.

  • You feel ready to change and grow in your life. 

  • You are ready for transformation and expanding your consciousness.

  • You want to connect more deeply with yourself.

  • You want to get practices and tools at hand because you want to take responsibility for your highest well-being.

  • You are ready to do the inner work and experience miracles.

1600€ early booking discount
1800€ regular price

your companion 


My name is Sophia-Marie, and since I was little it has been important to me to be helpful, give higher advice and to be there for other people.

My journey into conscious, self-responsible inner work started when I was forced to wake up because overnight my hands were paralyzed and out of my control. The choice in front of me was to suppress the symptoms or to find the cause and heal holistically. Different teachings, everyday practices and the trust in my intuition have helped me to successfully understand the signs of the disease and increase my well-being and health. Already a short time after changing and shifting I healed my Symptoms, since I cured the issue within. 

After years of doing the work myself I feel called and happy to share all my wisdom and experiences with you to save you from being forced to heal physical symptoms. Don't underestimate the power of your self and your will.

3 months(!) of weekly transformative and activating online calls á 60 min including questions & answers

Mix out of Guidance, Coaching and Mentoring.

Unlimited emotional and spiritual support via Whatsapp for a period of 3 months, if something comes up in between the calls.

Exercises that you can easily integrate into your everyday life, that allow you to connect more deeply with yourself.
Without practice no mastery.

What awaits you in time: 
Body work, energy work, breathing exercises, reprogramming the subconscious autopilot, more ease through enlightenment, insight into universal laws, voice opening, mindfulness exercises, spiritual work, intuitive and individual counseling, expanding your consciousness, a supportive buddy in the safe space, working with the energy centers, sound, unconditional love and light


Did you know that unhealed wounds & internal issues can make us sick more often?


Did you know that symptoms can manifest themselves when we are often in our heads but not consciously in our bodies at the moment?


Did you know that our intuition supports our growth, while our ego prefers to keep us in our usual comfort zone?

Did you know that behind the resistance or fear of doing something, there can be a hidden miracle?

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"If you don't make time for your wellness,

you will be forced to make time for your illness.
Read that again."

Deepen your journey here and now with the decision of doing the work which is needed.

The proceeds flow into the production of further workshops, offers on site in the SOMABE OASIS garden and content production for the education of holistic healing for the highest good of all!

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