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Breath work

Conscious Connected Breathwork is a tool that has been used and practiced for decades to support healing and transformation.  

You don't need any previous experience in meditation or breathwork to have deep experiences in a guided session. 

Experience with Soma

In a breathwork experience with Soma, a safe space awaits you in which you can immerse yourself full exploration can come and this invites trance-like introspection. 
In connection with voice andReiki you will be guided into an experience that can be life-changing. 

Holistic effects


This practice helps you get into your subconscious more easily, dissolve rigid thought patterns and experience inner peace. 

It can also help you break through limiting resistance.
Relieves stress and promotes mental clarity.



Emotions that want to be felt and expressed find a channel to free themselves with this practice. 

It is very grounding and nourishing.



On the body level, the practice leads to activation of the sympathetic nervous system and the heart rate increases, adrenaline increasespoured out. In the As the session progresses, you breathe more calmly, your sympathetic nervous system slows down and your parasympathetic nervous system is activated - you find peace again.

During the practice, the CO2 content in the body decreases and the Ph value increases and becomes alkaline. This boosts the immune system and eliminates acidity. Athletes, for example, also use it to reduce inflammation in the body. Because of the low Co2, you can hold your breath for a very long time.



Inner exploration and the opportunity to experience psychedelic experiences. 

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