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One day I'm standing in the drugstore and using an app I scan the skin care products and cosmetics and realize that most of them are filled with toxins and synthetic ingredients. 

Everything we put on our skin and body is in our bloodstream within minutes, if not seconds. 

I've been looking for a long time and have found a production that leaves nothing to be desired.

Ethical & environmentally friendly production - only active ingredients instead of fillers - holistic approach from inside and outside - recipes based on the knowledge of Ayurveda, Hildegard von Bingen and traditional Chinese medicine - nourish the skin instead of just smoothing it

Like the gut, the skin has a microbiome. This may be protected and brought into harmony and kept. 

Packaging material made of cornstarch which would like to be composted and which the microorganisms like to eat. 
The printing ink consists of plant-based ink, which means that chemical toners are not used even at this level.

As a partner, I am your advisor for your health issues and I am happy to support you with the support for your body.

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