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A Letter to my current life.

I enjoy my lifestyle I developed the last couple of years now. My selfcare routine, mornings and evenings. Meditation is key for me and my health. Inviting things into my life, ordering & calling in opportunities in the universe. I do what fulfills me which is CREATING. I expand in drawings, Songwriting, Journaling, Videography next to my Photography and stream it on younow. It feels like I am aligned and it is meant to be the way it is. There is no big business plan prepared. It is simple, not always easy. I am patient and don't long for things. I surrender and explore what universe and my higher self and soul prepared for me. I focus on healing and letting go. I trust that everything works out in my highest good and others. I am in alignment with my soul, my environment, mother nature and all. And so it is. I am so grateful for all I am able to experience fully present.

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Journal Blog

Das ist ein safe space. 

Hier teile ich meine Sicht auf das Leben und meine Welt. 
In diesem Blog geht es um Themen und Erlebnisse, die mich beschäftigen.
Es geht um die Selbsterforschung und die Verbindung mit unserem Ursprung. 
Aber auch um tagtägliche Situationen, Systeme und Vorstellungen.

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