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How can we help ourselves and Earth?

Becoming aware of something...

As you create a path by walking, becoming aware of ourselves deeply and being present and conscious in all moments, is a process too.

As we distanced ourselves, most of us, within our lives from our source and self, we need to practice awareness and mindfulness too. I myself believe and experienced how my emotional and mental states and unhealed trauma effected my physical health. As well as habits do influence our health, even when it feels comfy to watch and consume something on an hourly and daily basis. How physical symptoms appear is individual just as we are. But the source of each disease is within ourselves. And I am so happy and grateful to know this now.

I want to encourage you to connect with yourself daily as well as practicing mindfulness in order to shift awareness and energy. Little advise: Please do it before your inner unhealed surpressed wounds manifest as physical symptoms or damage as it did in my life. This is not a certain whoohoow trick, this is simply as it works. Healing and honoring ourselves as we are. We have indeed influence to our life and the earth too - in every moment. And we are able to build the world we would really like to live in. I don't feel ashamed anymore telling this. I study and explore life from a different perspective, I didn't realize for a long time. This deep, deep feeling inside of me tells me that I need to be open and direct even if it feels uncomfortable sometimes. There is no judgment to me, you or it. All is and I'm the observer. We need all of us in balance.

We learned to trust the outside. Family, friends, partner, insurances, politicians, government, the dairy industry, doctors, pharmacies, the new faster but safer car, ...the list goes on. All we do and did the past couple of decades was distancing ourselves from our own self trust and love. Losing that deep trust within us and source energy caused a lot of damage to humanity and earth itself. We even lost trust into our own intuition.

What I learned with the pandemic is that we are able to adapt changes very quickly even government, as well as that chaos allows to build something new and better.

This is what we do. All of us. A lot of individual recreation already happened and it will continue until everyone is back in balance with self and life.

Until we transformed to this butterfly. Too cheesy? Thats what I thought too in the beginning, but it simply is. What could you do today right now to reconnect to your inner self and be your most authentic and best version of yourself? Let's cultivate our self trust and self love and love for others back in our lives. Self care isn't selfish, it is important.

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